The Importance of Community When You’re In Recovery

By Nashville Detox

Addiction and isolation go hand in hand. While many people start out using drugs or alcohol to be social, it’s common to find yourself increasingly alone as people drop off from your life. You may have eventually found that the people that you drink or use drugs with aren’t trustworthy. Or, your sober friends and family might have had to set boundaries to convince you to change your ways. In either case, one of the first things you’ll learn about sober living is that finding a community that supports your new lifestyle provides you with benefits for your recovery.

Find Support During Your Early Days of Recovery

People in recovery often find that they aren’t sure how to make friends once they can no longer hang out with their former social groups. You might also encounter new challenges as you transition to going back to work and rebuilding your relationships with your family members. Sober communities are filled with people who remember what it was like during their first days of recovery—knowing that you have someone to call late at night when cravings strike helps you stay on track with your decision to stop using drugs and alcohol.

Lean On Friends During Vulnerable Moments

Even after you hit that extraordinary one-year mark, you’ll still have moments of temptation. Living in recovery sometimes means having to find someone to turn to when life hands you difficult situations. Perhaps you are grieving the loss of a loved one, or you might be going through a divorce. Recovery programs offer community support that helps you connect with people who have gone through similar situations and can provide strategies to manage your addiction.

Meet Like-Minded People for Healthier Relationships

Drugs and alcohol alter people’s behavior patterns. It’s common for your relationships to be filled with strife when you and your friends struggle with being honest or managing your emotional reactions. Once you get sober, you learn that it’s possible to have healthy relationships when everyone can communicate effectively. Building a community of people in recovery programs means that you’ll be around others who know how to communicate with honesty and respect no matter what you’re doing together.

Feel Accountable for Improving Your Lifestyle

Accountability means knowing that someone depends upon you to follow through on your plans. Sober living involves being committed to self-improvement, and being part of a community means that you’ll have people around you to keep you motivated. Knowing that you’ve got a group waiting for you to show up for yoga or that your basketball team will want to see you at the game makes it more critical for you to keep taking care of your health.

Develop a Sense of Purpose by Giving Back

At some point, most people in recovery realize that they have learned enough to help others. You may feel like you’re ready to mentor someone who’s in their earliest stages of recovery, or you might want to volunteer to raise awareness about addiction. Choosing to give back to others is an integral part of sober living that bolsters your confidence and resolve to live a life that doesn’t include drugs and alcohol. Each time you help someone else, you remind yourself of why you want to stay sober. Volunteering and being involved in the community also allows you to develop new life skills that you can continue to share with the world.

Enjoy a Safe Place to Celebrate Special Occasions

Living in recovery doesn’t have to be boring. Filling your social calendar with events gives you a way to celebrate special occasions without having to use drugs or alcohol. Strong sober communities have activities that you can regularly do, such as meeting up with friends to play a few outdoor games or just talking. They’ll also be eager to celebrate holidays and other events by planning activities that fit into your sober lifestyle. Just imagine heading outside for a Fourth of July barbecue without being tempted to drink or to enjoy your birthday without the pressure of getting intoxicated. When you’re around people with the same goals, you can enjoy gatherings while knowing that you’ll stick to your commitment to stay sober.

Nashville Recovery Center Can Help

Once you get sober, the world opens up to a new range of possibilities to make your life even better. Choosing to spend time around others who understand your situation helps you learn new ways to manage challenges while also discovering new hobbies and interests. As you build your community, make sure to fill it with people committed to sobriety and open to having fun while prioritizing a healthy lifestyle.
If you or a loved one is looking for a space that supports a newly sober lifestyle, please contact Nashville Recovery Center. We offer a safe and fun place to embrace a life of recovery and a hands-on team to help you get started.

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