Drug Detox Strategies to Help Get Through Withdrawal

By Nashville Detox

The need to detox from drugs is one of the first steps of treating addiction. Once you start using drugs, your body becomes dependent upon how they interact with your brain. Withdrawal symptoms can range from mild crankiness or loss of appetite to more severe vomiting and tremors. The severity of your symptoms is hard to predict until you begin the detox process. This is because everyone’s body responds differently to no longer having the same chemicals in its system. However your body responds, you have many effective drug detox strategies to manage your withdrawal symptoms as you begin your recovery.

Learn Detox Strategies in an Outpatient Treatment Program

Most people need some type of professional treatment to help them get through detox. In a partial hospitalization program, you will attend therapy for the majority of the day. In your sessions, you will meet individually with a therapist and work on learning new coping strategies in group therapy sessions. This usually includes learning how to meditate or practice deep breathing to work through a craving or uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety.

Use Structure to Your Advantage During Drug Detox

Sober living environments make it easier to implement detox strategies by adding more structure to your day. Waking up and going to bed at the same time helps your body adjust to your new lifestyle. You will also find it easier to manage your cravings when you are well-rested. You can add more structure to your life by making sure that you attend your group meetings on time and follow the curfew. Sticking to your daily schedule sends signals to your brain that you will make sure to meet your body’s needs.

Follow a Drug Detox Diet to Counteract Withdrawal Symptoms

Digestive disturbances are common as you detox from drugs. Vomiting and diarrhea can wear your body down, and it is essential to replenish the nutrients you lose from feeling sick. You will want to eat even when you may not feel hungry. Choosing nutritious foods packed with vitamins and minerals can help you maximize the benefits of smaller meals and snacks.

Fresh fruit and vegetables replenish the vitamin C that your body might lose from your withdrawal symptoms. Lean meats give your body protein that increases energy, and you can’t go wrong with a few comfort foods. Chocolate is excellent for naturally increasing your energy levels and boosting your mood. Chicken soup is another meal that can help you feel better during detox, as it would if you had a cold. Indulging in a special treat such as ice cream can also give your body calcium while taking your mind off cravings.

Focus on Hydration

Drinking more water boosts your drug detox diet by helping your body to break down those healthy foods. Dehydration can also quickly set in if you experience vomiting or diarrhea. If you have struggled with drinking water in the past, try finding flavored water that you enjoy. You can also make fruit-infused water to enhance the taste while adding an extra burst of nutrition to every sip.

Start Working Out to Detox From Drugs

Figuring out how to get through withdrawal usually includes increasing your physical activity. HIIT workouts help you to burn off energy so that you feel less anxious. Strengthening your muscles and increasing your heart rate also helps to reduce mental and physical withdrawal symptoms. Alternatively, you might try yoga to lower a racing heartbeat and soothe a headache. All good workouts flood your body with endorphins that help with mood swings and muscle pain.

Find What Works to Help You Relax

You will also find that learning how to get through withdrawal requires some personal exploration. You can talk to the other people in your sober living home and therapy sessions to get ideas for coping strategies. You may find that journaling every night helps you relax your mind to experience fewer episodes of insomnia. You also might find that watching the sunrise from a rooftop terrace helps you start your day with a fresh perspective. Try to view detox as an experiment with different relaxation methods to find several that you can enjoy long-term.

Getting Help at Nashville Detox Center 

There is no sure way to know how your body will react to quitting drugs until you do it. Withdrawal is a learning process that gives you a chance to discover new things about yourself. Whether you find out you love yoga or need to drink more water, one thing that always rings true is that drug detox is easier when you have support. Starting your detox in a supportive environment gives you the tools and people that you need to stay comfortable as you move through the first stage in the process of addiction treatment. If you or a loved one is looking to start your journey to recovery, contact Nashville Detox Center today. 

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