The Benefits of Intensive Outpatient Programs

By Nashville Detox

Drug and alcohol abuse can leave irreparable damage on you and your loved ones. There comes a time when you have to decide whether to continue down a destructive path of substance abuse or finally reach out for help. It’s important to know that you’re not alone, and there’s a recovery program that’s right for you. 

When it comes to seeking treatment, the first and best option is usually residential treatment. This treatment works well for people with a significant substance abuse disorder. However, you might not be able or willing to commit to a long-term residential treatment program. If that’s the case, an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is a great option.

What is IOP Treatment?

An IOP program is one of three outpatient treatment options that are available to clients. While Partial Hospitalization (PHP) is more restrictive in terms of time requirements, IOP is a good  alternative for extended treatment. 

During the IOP, you’ll live at home and continue with your everyday responsibilities. However, you’ll report to a rehab facility three to five times a week for up to four hours of treatment per day. You’ll continue seeking therapy until you can manage your addiction independently. 

Individual therapy is a large part of IOP treatment. This is your opportunity to work with experienced therapists who will lead you on a path of self-discovery. You’ll uncover answers to deep-rooted questions that will influence the rest of your treatment program. In addition, you’ll have the chance to participate in group or family therapy sessions at your therapists’ discretion.

During IOP treatment, you’re required to abstain from all addictive substances, submit to random drug testing, and commit to your recovery progress at all times. 

Benefits of Intensive Outpatient Programs

Addiction recovery takes commitment and hard work. With that in mind, you’ll want the best treatment option available to you that you can afford. Depending on your personal circumstances, IOP treatment has many potential benefits, which include:

1. Building Structure 

Drug and alcohol addiction can significantly alter your daily life. However, a residential treatment can help you maintain your daily routine. Since outpatient treatment allows you to stay connected to your everyday life, you’re more likely to rebuild structure in an IOP environment. An IOP allows you to find the balance between everyday activities such as working or going to school while you seek treatment for your drug or alcohol addiction.

 2. Improving Life and Coping Skills

Your addiction’s root cause is likely due to a challenging life event that you didn’t know how to cope with healthily. As part of an IOP, you’ll have the opportunity to improve your coping skills, which may include anger management, mindfulness programs, communication, and utilizing your creativity. 

3. Developing a Support System

A common obstacle to recovery is a lack of meaningful support. During an IOP program, you’ll likely work with multiple therapists to participate in group sessions and address family issues in counseling. During this process, you’ll work with clinically trained staff who will serve as resources on your road to addiction recovery. 

4. Addressing Underlying Issues

With addiction often comes underlying mental health issues. Addicts will try to “numb the pain” by abusing drugs and alcohol, so they don’t have to deal with their emotions. If you’re struggling with anxiety or depression connected to your substance abuse, intensive therapy with an IOP will help address and manage those deeper-rooted issues. 

Tennessee Recovery Clinic Can Help

If you’re looking for a treatment program with a clinically trained staff that will help you get started on your road to recovery, contact Tennessee Recovery Clinic. Their helpful staff and team of clinical experts can help get you on track to a healthy, sober life.

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