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Nashville Detox is the leading provider of drug and alcohol detoxification in the Nashville area.

We understand that seeking help for alcohol and drug detox can be overwhelming and intimidating. Your comfort and safety throughout this process is our priority, and even though we are a medical detox program, you will be cared for in a home-like setting with your own spacious room. Each client is unique, and our experienced medical staff will provide a thorough evaluation to determine the best plan for every individual upon entry to our program.

Throughout the detox process, our expert staff will continuously monitor your progress to maximize your comfort. Our team will work with each client and their support system to determine a plan for the next best steps on your path to addiction recovery. Our team will guide you through the entire process, from the first phone call, throughout the admissions process until you step foot in our facility. We are here to provide expertise to individuals and families through best in class detox and to provide access to a network of the country’s best treatment options.

Our 4-step Approach

The Nashville Detox 4-Step Approach to Detox & Sobriety ensures the highest chances for a successful detox and provides the perfect launchpad into recovery from addiction.

1 Intake

2 Evaluate

3 Stabilize

4 Treatment

Nashville Detox Center accepts most commercial plans, call us today to speak with an admission specialist to get started.

Nashville Detox Center Accepts Magellan Health Nashville Detox Center Accepts BlueCross BlueShield Nashville Detox Center Accepts ComPsych Nashville Detox Center Accepts Humana Nashville Detox Center Accepts Aetna Nashville Detox Center Accepts UnitedHealthcare Nashville Detox Center Accepts Optum Nashville Detox Center Accepts Cigna